Monday, August 20, 2012

animation and VFX progress

I didn't update yesterday. shame on me.
Well, I've made progress in two very different fields this last couple of days.

I'll start with yesterday, to keep it organized.
the task was to combine filmed footage with a character shot on a green screen, in a way they appear as a single unit.

The current result is this:

The surface was shot in my balcony, the hole was modeled in Maya, and I was shot against a green screen, that was cleaned in after effects.

The progress I've made to day was with my acting assignment. I again changed the keys according to the feedback I received, but it will probably be changed again. I'm slowly moving forward with this, and eventually I'll be able to convey the character true emotions through her gestures.

That's about it for now. preparing myself for further work on basic and advanced rigging.
tomorrow will be a good day.

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