Saturday, August 18, 2012

animation progress

As promised (mostly by myself to myself), I should update everyday with the progress that I've made, as little as it may have been.

So, since early in the morning, up until close to midnight, I've been working on Malissa's animation from scratch, starting from the ground up.

Today's result is this blocking phase, which I have already uploaded to facebook for further critics by my friends and colleagues.

The quality is bad this time. bare with me.

one more advice given to me by my mother today was to try and guide your friends to play the scene for you. while you might not act well, others might have a better interpretation of your directions.
I should try it sometime.

it was also suggested that I try and illustrate my main poses again in 2d, thinking of the subtext of her monologue and each sentence.
well. I'll try anything at this point :)


Other than this not much was done, so here are just a few nice links I came across today:

A list of 100 useful sites for animators. from article sites to resources, online stores and tutorials.
a good list to keep.,0

A short presentation of a technology used by pixar for creating models using sub division surfaces now going open-source and available for download. while the technical details are quite confusing to me, seeing the working process of pixar is always interesting.

that's about it. hoping for a better progress tomorrow.

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