Thursday, August 23, 2012

shape studies and working process.

So, updating everyday may have proved a little bit troublesome...

Anyway. I've been doing a little bit of character sketching, and tried to implement this year illustration teacher Tzahi Ferber's advice -  "use primitive shapes". miraculously, whenever I go back to this method of beginning a drawing, the outcome is always very vivid and unique.

Also, I've began to read "The mechanics of illustration" written by Doron Meir (who was previously mentioned), which is a deep research about the process of creation, be it drawings, paintings, music, animation, etc. the book supplies a great understanding of the process and gives a lot of great advice about how to create your work more efficiently and ending up with better quality.

The first thing that's emphasized is the importance of the quick-draft. generally saying every step of creation is a draft of the following step, and each step gets us closer to the complete piece, which is closest to our primary vision. that said, it is now clear why it is also important to work on my quick-sketching skills.

With this in mind I started sketching a little more on my spare time. 
Attached here are some of my recent sketches which I thought were most appealing. at the bottom are a few of the ideas I had for the shape of the floating island and the house it carries.

Sadly, no further progress on my school work, but it will come.

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